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Foodie Plush

Cuddling with a warm plushie is cool; cuddling with your favorite food is cooler! This is precisely what our foodie plush collection is for! 

Our collection of foodie stuffed animals offers a fun and cuddly take on your favorite fruit and vegetables. Each piece is carefully crafted; from juicy watermelons to crisp carrots, we have it all here. So brace yourself and be ready to capture the real spirit of the kitchen.

Giant Stuffed Animals

Avocado Plush


Stuffed Animals

Avocado Plushie


Stuffed Animals

Banana Plush


-Cute Plushies

Bubble Tea Plush


-Cute Plushies

Cabbage Dog Plush


Stuffed Animals

Cactus Plush Pillow


These plushies are cute and provide a comforting hug whenever you need it. Each fruit and vegetable plushie in our collection is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. They are designed to withstand everyday play and are suitable for all ages. Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, our plushies will bring a smile to your face and add a pop of color to any room, including the kitchen.

So why settle for anything else other than your favorite veggie o fruit? 

Get your hands on one today and start your collection! With our foodie plush collection, indulge in comfort food and bring fun and whimsy to your space.