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Sloth Plush

“Snuggle up with the slowest, softest sloth plush around!” 

Our sloth stuffed animal collection is diverse and likely to provide joy to any plushie enthusiast. From modest keychain sizes to enormous, cuddling friends, we have a sloth design for everyone. Containing a diversity of colours, sleeping positions, and designs, our collection is the meaning of diversity, so you may discover the right sloth friend to match your personality. 

Excellence in Every Stitch

Every piece is produced with the most incredible attention to detail and constructed with love, guaranteeing that each sloth is not only cute but also built to last. Every stitch was stitched with attention and care, the same attention and care our sleepy sloth plushies will be delivering to their new lucky owners.

 So, why wait? 

Take a stroll through our selection and discover your new sleepy buddy today!