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Dragon Plush Toy

Soar through the sky with your dragon plush toy!

Our dragon collection is meaning of diversity, with a variety of colours, expressions and sizes. From smiling cuddly dragons to angry protectors and from trim palm-sized options to human-sized ones, our collection has a stuffed dragon plush for everyone, kids and kids-at-heart. Each dragon is crafted with attention to intricate details, making them beautiful and durable. Whether you’re a fan of cute and colourful creatures or fierce mythical beasts, our collection has the perfect dragon.

Quality First 

Beyond looks, our dragons, from the giant ones to the palm-sized ones, were all made with attention and care, the same attention and care they will provide you with. Each stitch was stitched with love, plus the materials used are also top-notch, from the softest outside plush to the high-quality PP cotton stuffing, all to make a well-rounded stuffed animal that would stay by your side for years to come. 

So why wait?

 Whether you’re into cute & cosy dragons to cuddle with or are more of an angry dragon fan, we have a dragon for everyone!