Stuffed Animal Names

stuffed animal names
We know that coming up with stuffed animal names can be a super stressful thing to do, but not as stressful as naming a human child, still, it does have its fair share of stress and it does drain the brain juices a little bit, because giving your plushie a name is the first step towards making a bond that lasts for life, whether it’s a teddy bear or a stuffed fictional character, naming your plushie helps you deepen the connection you have with it, and the more personal and meaningful the name is, the more profound your connection with your plushie becomes, that is why we decided to bring some ideas to the table in the attempt to helping you name the beloved stuffed animals that stick around you for years and years to come.
We are going to share with you our top tips on how to come up with creative names for stuffed animals in an attempt of helping you with your creative process, our goal by the end of this article is to make it crystal clear for you. In the following, we are going to discuss the importance of stuffed animals as companions and friends that we can talk to, we are going to bring the light into the importance of naming those little beloved fellows, then we will jump to our top tips in naming them, and last, we will share some cute stuffed animal names with you. And without further ado, let’s do this! Discover more Wonderful Plushies:


We should honor stuffed animals for what they really are; tools to help us on our first steps in the vital business of knowing how to look after ourselves. As kids or as grownups, talking to your beloved plushie is very important for a healthy inward life, it is a means to talk out what bothers you, what made you uneasy, and what parts about today you didn’t like. So naturally, naming this loyal lifelong companion is important for you as a grownup as it is for kids. At certain times, one can comprehend important aspects of human nature only by observing the smallest incidentals, it is well known that up to the age of 12, many kids form a very deep connection and entanglement with their stuffed animal, it might be a cartoon character, a rabbit or a teddy bear, the strength of the relationship can be remarkable, the kiddo keeps it close at all times, sleeps next to it and takes it out to play with it, it can tell it all about what bothers them and what they particularly like about school. What’s really extraordinary here is that the plushie takes care of its owner, it never disappoints, it is always there for them, addressing them with words of kindness. Vaguely enough, the plushie urges its owner not to urge in times of crisis and not to jump to conclusions before digesting the information at hand. The truth is that the plushie’s personality is invented by the child himself, he she talks to themselves or through the plushie and assures themselves or herself that the future will be brighter. It is brought to life by the part of the child that wants to live it to the fullest, in order to look after the part that worries and fears the future. But naturally, the plushie’s character is entirely made up by the child or the grownup, it is an extension of their own personality and a vessel for their secrets, it is a way for us and our kids to better know ourselves and therefore, know the world, it is a practice for socializing and getting used to company. So, perhaps the best thing that we can do for our kids is to give them a stuffed animal that they can talk to in a safe environment. That is why the name of that Stuffed Penguin or Bear or Rabbit… is crucially important for the relationship that the kiddo will have with them, it should be something familiar, something that commands safety and joy, something that they can relate to, and most importantly, something that they chose themselves; yes, it is important for your kiddo to chose the name of their stuffed animal themselves so they don’t develop an unconscious push back against it. Now that we know how important stuffed animals are to our children, and how equally important naming them right is, let’s dive into some ideas that might help you in the creative process of finding names for stuffed animals.



1: Name Your Plushie After Fictional Characters

This is a really cool and creative way to start, think about characters from movies, anime, tv shows, and books… ones that you really love, and name your plushie after them, a character that you already love can be pretty practical because doing this, you’re not only using a creative name that fits almost perfectly in every situation, but you also channel the love you have for the character into your plushie, it makes your stuffed animal familiar and it helps you have a little perspective, per instance, if your plushie inspires fun and not caring so much, perhaps the name PIPPIN ( from lord of the rings ) would fit perfectly, or TYRION ( from Game of Thrones ) or GENIE from ( Aladdin ) or BARNIE from the cartoon tv show ( Flintstones ), all these guys are great examples of a laid-back character that worries not but sees and catches the beauty of the present moment. Fictional characters often have made-up names, so that would associate in your brain that it is a plushie name, not a human name, So, think of a fictional character that you love, see the similarities between that character and your plushie and let the naming begin!

2: Name Your Stuffed Animal After Things You Love From Daily Life

Name your stuffed animal after things you love from daily life
This tip has to do with the day to day events, just take a good look at your daily life and think of this one object that you love using or consuming, it can literally be anything, just think about those items that when people see they think of you, per example, for a little girl who wears a scrunchie in her hair every day, maybe ( scrunchie ) is the fit name for her stuffed animal, or say, you really love Perry Perry sauce, you add it to every meal and everyone in your family knows that, maybe, in this case, naming your plushie ( Perry ) would fit perfectly. and once again, while using this method the sky is the limit for the imagination, it can literally be anything from kitchen supplies to your favorite restaurant. And the great thing about this funny method is that you’re not only giving your plushie a familiar name that makes you feel at ease every time you command it but also, it is a funny way to start a conversation. You can literally name your stuffed animal: Taco, Wheel, Happy, scrunchie, Sock, Jello, Ball, or barbie… it does sound ridiculous at first but it will make sense afterward, the trick here is that you are not obligated to use the literal name exactly as it is but apply a little play on words as well, to make it personal and specific.

3: Using Human Names

Perhaps this tip is too obvious and it might even seem a bit odd for a plushie to have a human name but, who puts the rules?…exactly, there are no rules, and naming a plushie with a human name can be really really cute and personal sometimes, the crucial trick here is to not name your plushie a name that is in your day to day life, that would be a bit odd and confusing indeed. Maybe try to go back further in time and pick a name from back then like: Wilbur or Horace or Alvin or Alcott or Addison… The great part of this tip is that every name from the old times holds a specific meaning, so, think of your plushie’s quality that stands out above the others and picks a name accordingly, per example; Addison stands for ( Adam’s son ), Alvin means ( elf wine, noble friend ), Birch means ( white ), Blake means ( fair-haired, pallid )…etc. There are countless names that are forgotten in the English language, names of our ancestors, and every name means a specific character trait, so just take a good look at your plushie and for sure, there will be a beautiful old forgotten name for the quality that you notice in it.

4: Looking at Your Own Personal Heritage

This tip acquires you to take a look at where you came from and observe, per example say you have a France background, you can name your plushie ( raclette ) which is the name of a meal that all France people love, or if you have a Swedish background; then you can name you plushie (Fika) which means coffee break, or more yet, if you have a Scottish heritage, then perhaps you can name it ( Walters ) after the brand of shortbread that is beloved in Scotland, this method can be a bit confusing because you are literally faced with an entire culture of names, but that is the beauty of it, the more diverse the choices are, the more specific the name would be. This method really allows your brain to start expanding and experimenting with possibilities and brainstorming possible outcomes, per instance, if you originate from china, then perhaps the word (Beijing) would fit, which we extracted from the name of the city Beijing, or if you find your roots in Japan then perhaps ( suu ) would be a fit name… once again, their arena rules and the sky is the limit of what you can come up with.

5: Base The Name On Its Spices ( With a Little Play On Words )

This is the most obvious one, and yet, some beautiful results can come out of this one tip, the principle here is the thing as simple as you can, just look at your plushie, take a good look, and see what species is it ad what makes it stand out, per instance, if you have a duck plush that looks a lot like it is a chill one, perhaps the name ( Duck The Slob ) would be fitting here, it is a silent game, really, you’ll have to observe your plushie and see what character traits it does have, some plushies look like they are talkative, some look like they love to sleep, there’s look like they re shy… of course, these things are but extensions to your own imagination, but what is life without the beauty of imagination and what is reality but a mere bleak scene, if not combined with the beauty and vitality of childishness, and irony here can be a wonderful source of good names for stuffed animals. SOME CUTE NAMES THAT YOU CAN APPLY INSTANTLY
And finally, after we have seen how coming up with a name can be a fun thing to do, here are some cute stuffed animal names that you can use, based on the tips that we delivered earlier.

Named After Fictional Characters:

Here are some male ideas from the screens and libraries, names that you might know.

    • Bella, from the famous book and movie ( Twilight )
    • Charlie, from the all-time classic ( Charlie and the Chocolate Factory )
    • Luna, from one of history’s most famous book series ( Harry Potter )
    • Finn, from ( Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
    • Marley, from the moving movie ( Marley and Me )
    • Oliver, the clever boy from ( Oliver Twist )
    • Romeo, from ( Romeo and Juliet )
    • Scout, from the all-time classic ( To Kill a Mockingbird )
    • Winnie, from the beloved books and cartoon series ( series Winnie the Pooh )

And Here Are Some Female Names As Well:

Arya from (Game of Thrones) Charlotte/Charlie from (Charlotte’s Web) Jane from (Jane Eyre) Jo from (Little Women) Katniss from (The Hunger Games) Lizzie from (Pride and Prejudice) Lucy from (The Chronicles of Narnia) and Matilda from (Matilda) some meaningful old names that we forgot about but still hold a great deal of beauty within them: Addison ( Adam’s son ) Brook ( stream ) Carling ( it’s a place or a hill where old women gather ) Fairfax ( blond-haired ) Fleta ( swift, fleet ) Gytha ( a gift or a present ) Hadley ( heath-covered meadow ) Hamilton ( beautiful mountain ) Hazel ( commander )
And that is about it, we have reached the end of our pursuit of finding good stuffed animals’ names, thank you for making it this far with us, and we sincerely hope that our tips were of some help to you.

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